Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Life's a Peach

A true pioneer of decent music in LE11 and a thoroughly good lad to back it up with, a friend in need is a friend indeed. James Hughes is a long standing member of the Dub-boro crew, an attendee at our very first party at the Doghouse and more recently inviting us to guest appearance on his outrageously successful LCR show on Monday nights.

It is our pleasure then to lend our full support to James (and his giant peach's) campaign to become LSU Multi-Media Editor in the upcoming exec elections. From working closely with him and experiencing first-hand his passion for LCR, we believe that he possesses the professionalism and dedication to take Loughborough Student's Media forward to great things next year.

Voting is on the 8th/9th/10th March and more information on elections and Jamie's campaign can be found here...

LSU Exec Elections 2010

Jamie's Election Campaign

Political agenda's aside, if you came on here looking for some fresh sounds, check out Oneman's 2010 mix...

Oneman 2010 Mix by djoneman99

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Keeping the Bass Balance: EMALKAY

2010 has proven to be a pretty exciting year so far with some really experimental new directions being explored in the big bass music. Future Garage is the buzzword of the moment, but some producers are keeping it underground with the deep and grimey eyes down bangers, Birmingham bad boy Emalkay being no exception.

Emalkay has a pretty impressive back catalogue. Big time selectors Benga, Mary Anne Hobbes and Plastician have all given some serious time for his hard style. Notably “Mecha” was a solid break for Emalkay on Boka Records as well as his first release on Dub Police “Explicit” really bringing him forward in the scene.

This man has had massive success over the past year with his release of “When I look At You” working its way into almost every British DJ’s mid set drops, but he don’t stop there! If his remix of Faithless’ “Sun to Me” is anything to go by, were looking at some exciting tings for the rest of the year; his coupling of the deepest sub-bass on the low and snappy melodic synths on the high make this track is a force to be reckoned with.

So get hyped Loughborough, with SBTRKT fronting the fresh future garage sounds and Emalkay laying down the relentless underground beats, the 24th March Dub-Boro party is set go OFF!

Dub-Boro –w- Emalkay & SBTRKT 24th March

Emalkay Myspace

Rich Franklin

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dub-boro Mixtape Vol. V (Feb 10) - Pasquale

Is it his love for routing out the best new tunes and bringing them straight to your ears? Or is it just boredom? We shall probably never know, all we can hope for its that he keeps them coming thick and fast. The next in our mixtape series is Pasquale's February mix, which takes us all on an hour long adventure in the latest, and beautifully constructed greatest sounds in underground music right now. Download it, stick FIFA on silent and enjoy.

Greena - Actual Pain
Mosca - Square One
Atki2 & Dub Boy - Tigerflower ((Grievous Angel Remix)
Sully - In Some Pattern
Kingdom feat. Shyvonne - Mindreader (LVis 1990 mix)
James Fox - Put it Back
Delphic - Doubt (Ramadanman Refix)
Mosca - Nike
Julio Bashmore - Um Bongo's Revenge
Antiserum & DJ G - Bulgarian Funk
D1 - Jus Business
The Heavy - How you like me now? (Joker Remix)
Jose James - BlackMagic (Joy Orbison's Recreation)

Pasquale FEB 2010 by dub-boro

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Emalkay & SBTRKT // 24th March 2010

Dub-boro returns to Loughborough in March for our penultimate secret LE11 party with two of the hottest properties in dubstep right now. Emalkay and SBTRKT will be our guests of honour at a secret LE11 venue, £6 tickets are now available from the following places...

Pasquale: 07921 023082
Sean: 07703 063805
Rich: 07814 250092 (campus)

and online from our friends at Gigantic.

Finally, because we all love free stuff, check out SBTRKT's minimix for the Annie Mac's Radio One show. This is 5 minutes of pure aural pleasure. Enjoy!

SBTRKT Mini Mix by sbtrkt

Friday, 12 February 2010

Samiad - Ingredients

You think producers these days have time to create their own sounds? Do they fuck. The general rule is to sample some old track no-one has heard of and made it their own. Easy. The 'Ingredients' mixtape from Samiad is a musical lesson and a journey through the ages that pays homage to the original tracks that have been sampled in some of the biggest hits ever made. Celebrate this originality.

Ingredients by SAMIAD