Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tales of the future...

First and foremost, it's about time for us to thank anyone and everyone who has shown us a bit of love over the last couple of years. From bus drivers to the owner of a disused warehouse, from sound technicians to the most important people of all, the people on the dancefloor, dub-boro would simply not have happened without you. Whether you were amongst the 80 who held the belief in The Doghouse, one of the 200 looting an abandoned pub in Barrow, or indeed one of the 1800 making history on June 17th, we salute you.

The dub-boro project continued to push and set new boundaries in Loughborough right up till the very end, climaxing in one of the biggest music events ever held in Loughborough. It was an incredible journey, transforming every venue we invaded into a bass induced vibrant mecca for the lovers of good music and more importantly, a good time. Alas, all good things must come to an end, well almost. The series of dub-boro parties is over, but the music in Loughborough must continue.

As one beautiful chapter in this town comes to an end, another begins.

Folk of Loughborough, students or otherwise... it is now time to announce that playtime in LE11 is not over, more that it has only just begun. Even bigger things are just over the horizon in LE11, and we as a team are still committed to bringing you the freshest sounds and the biggest DJ's in the world to our humble home.

The team that brought you dub-boro now presents to you... db events.

'DBE' will work as a collective to put on a range of events in and around our home of loughborough using all the experience we have gained from the series of dub-boro parties. That means mixing a healthy dollop of bass-driven sound, a sprinkling of care-free attitude, a mixture of the freshest underground music, a smattering of visuals and as many world class DJ's as time will allow, culminating in the best damn party you ever tasted.

DBE: Keep your ears to the underground and watch this space as we change the face of LE clubbing... AGAIN.