Saturday, 29 August 2009

Rich Franklin: The Beginners Guide

Ok , so our boy Rich Franklin joined the Dub-boro crew a few months back after the Skream party. His good looks, charm and eagerness to get involved have been a massive asset to the night since we met him. Hopefully the man will be a regular contributor to the blog over the coming months. Over to you Richie boi...

A few loyal followers of Dub-Boro have asked how to get their wobbling hands on the latest Dub out there. So for anyone who doesn’t already know, here’s some tips and pointers to grabbing some fresh mixes:

If you know the artist you’re searching for I’d start with . This site caters for all things dubstep, and has a designated section for artists to post up new mixes. If you still cant find what you’re looking for try a google search with the name of the artist and then dubstep forum as keywords.

Another decent place to find new mixes is on myspace pages, every now and then artists post links to download rather than just stream on the player. is also a great resource with lots of up to date tracks. There are plenty of links to dubstep radio, one of the best being subFM, so those obviously play plenty of fresh tunes.

And the final search hint is to simply google search the name of your artist along with the name of file hosting websites like mediafire, zShare etc. you never know, could be lucky.

Also If you haven’t got much dubstep on the old iPod, then I’d suggest you buy/acquire the basic beginners package:
Fabriclive 37. by Caspa & Rusko – Standard but classic
Skream – Watch the Ride – Not so full on and a bit more ravey
Dubstep Allstars vol.5 by N-Type – Dark to start with moving a bit digi later on
Tectonic plates volumes 1 & 2 – mixed by pinch
Dubstep Allstars vol.3 mixed by Kode9 feat. Spaceape
Underwater dancehall (2CD) - Pinch
In Fine Style – Horsepower Productions
D1 – Trial run – start of the unique dub, also check out cocaine on dubstep allstars 3
Burial – South London boroughs – a mixable burial track and check out distant lights remix by kode9
Preverlist – Bristol talent, did Glastonbury with pinch and has more interesting tunes
RSD – same as above. Did a great remix of get up on tectonic plates vol 2
Mary Anne Hobbs – topping up on the above, check the Bristol rise up mix with some joker too.

Happy hunting!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Dub-boro VI

The line up and details of the next Dub-boro installment are out. Dub-boro VI will host 4 of the most exciting artists in the world of dubstep and beyond. The party takes place on 28th October 2009 and the location will be kept top secret as a Dub-boro standard.

Benga Myspace

Toddla T Myspace

Nero Myspace

Martelo Myspace

Limited earlybird tickets are now available here

Facebook event here