Saturday, 12 June 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Marty talks to Dub-boro

Oh myyyy gosh. 5 days till big things a gwan down in LE11, so we checked in with headliner MARTELO for a quick chat about the upcoming party and what the man has in store for you lucky punters...

- Mr. Martelo, what's the story behind the name?

Its a reference to one of the places i grew up, the place where i went from selling mixtapes in school to getting on buses with crates of vinyl 4 nights a week. Plus my surname is Maher, pronounced Mar, so it just stuck..

- For those who wern't here in October or or just have a hazy memory of the night, what can we expect from a party with Marty?

lots of energy, i go to clubs to dance and hear good tunes, so thats what i try and do, make people dance and play them good music.. i like to be the hype without hype, there is no hype around 'Martelo' but i bring it.

- What you got planned over the next 12 months? Any big productions in the pipeline?

got a 3 track ep in the works, and maybe a couple of side projects too with boy 8-bit, Oneman, Toddla T and Loefah

- Are there any other hot producers you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Im not sure, Im a DJ first so thats always my focus, keeping my sound fresh and making it all make sense.. there are people im feeling for sure like C.R.S.T., Dubbel Dutch, Jackal Youth, Braiden, Melé and all the usual suspects.. but for now I need to find my own feet I think.

- You are the only DJ we have ever asked to return to the dub-boro decks, puting aside the immense pride you will feel on the night, is there anyone else you will be looking forward to catching on the line up?

Definitely Joker, Ramadanman and Instra:Mental, of course im looking forward to seeing everyone play but those may be the highlights.. I played with all the rest before and only ever seen Instra:Mental and Ramadanman at FWD or DMZ so will be good to see them again.. Ramadanman is on fire lately production wise so will be good to hear all those new bits and whatever else he has up his sleeves..

- Finally, what is the one emergency tune you can always rely on to kick-start a party that might be fading out?!:

hmmmmm... i dunno, i try to avoid even getting in that situation!! but i guess, over here (in the U.K.) probably an old garage track, maybe "Little Bit Of Luck" or something along those lines...

Get clued up and check out Marty's soundcloud for all his latest and greatest. Boy this is gonna be BIGGGGGG!

£12 Advance Tickets for June 17th with Martelo, Jack Beats, Zinc, Joker, Plastician, dBridge, InstraMental, Jakwob & Ramadanman still available here. Entry will be MORE ON THE DOOR.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Plastician - Sound That Speaks Volumes 2010

Plastician is dubstep royalty. He was there in the beginning. Born and bred in Croydon, Plastician (or Plasticman as he was known back then) started life as a UK grime/garage DJ before pioneering the sound we know as dubstep today. His sets have more energy than a Red Bull flavoured Boost bar, and are an absolute must for any self-respecting music fan. This is why it is with great excitement that we present to you Plastician as one of our headliners for June 17th. He will be playing the second room alongside Joker and Jakwob on the night and trust us, Plastician is gonna tear our union apart.

To showcase his ample talent, each year around this time he brings out his annual mixtape of the biggest and best of dubstep sounds. This year is no exception as he unleashes 'Sound That Speaks Volumes 2010' onto the world. This mixtape contains exactly what made us fall in love Plastician in the first place, high energy and big big tunes. Enjoy!


Youthman & Luce – Brother Don’t Cry
Redlight – MDMA
D Double E – Woo Riddim
Flux Pavillion – Got To Know
Boogaloo Crew – Days Go By
Skream – Raw Dogz
Joker – Tron (Kromestar Remix)
Chew Lips – Salt Air (Plastician Remix)
Trolley Snatcha – We Rock The Forest
G Tank – Electonic Era
Rude Kid – Electric
Plastician & 12th Planet – West
12th Planet feat Juakali – Reas
D Double E – Streetfighter
Joker & TC – It Aint Got A Name
Om Unit – Searching
Benga – Transform
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – R1
SMD – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
Doctor P – Sweet Shop
P Money – Left The Room (Skream Remix)
Teddy & G Tank – Ghanaian Fire
Distance – No Warning
Paul Harris – I Want You (Bar 9 Remix)
Flux Pavillion – Normalize
Stinkahbell – Stalker
Mr Virgo – Cinema
Joker – Digidesign (Om Unit Pop
Om Unit – Corridor