Friday, 23 September 2011

London TOMORROW Night!!!!

We're taking one big dbe roadtrip down to the city of dreams tomorrow to attend our 3 very close friends new night at NOMAD. Before & After is definately a night to keep your eye on, promising main events that promise genre cross-pollination and after-parties that make trainwrecks look like the lonely piece of chewing gum on the pavement outside.

Headlining the event is a UK Exclusive from the Visionquest badboys Igor and Vernon otherwise known as Ultrasone. Breath & Pop has been a dancefloor smash ever since it came out on Hot Creations and they've been known to span all areas of House in their hypnotic sets. Sure to be a massive crowd-pleaser you need to get on down yourself to witness some truly incredible music. Here's a little taster to get you in the mood.

Igor Vicente (Ultrasone) Live @ Circoloco Woodstock 69, Zeeweg, Bloemendaal aan Zee, NL - 21-08-2011 by R_co

But that's not all B4 have got for you. More familiar to you dbe heads, but by no means propping up the lineup is up and coming star Youandewan. He's made a name for himself with releases on Disfigured Dubs and Lo:Dubs and when it comes to breaking genre stereotypes he's well on point. Typical of the no rules aesthetic that is refreshing the scene at the moment, Youandewan is bound to put together a set that will leave you baffled yet dazzled.

JAUNT>PODCAST by Youandewan

Supporting these wonderful guests will also be globe-trotter Hamid who himself is making waves, DBE main-man Pasquale who is itching to get behind the decks and smash out a no-holds barred house set, those lovely boys Tru:Tek who always kill the competition with a strong mixture of contemporary sounds and Before family member Joseph Nelson who'll be keen to get the dancefloor smoking!

We're excited, are you?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

That Thursday Feeling

This found footage is too perfect set with this song. Some real emotional vibes.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fresh NEW talent straight from Leeds via Canada....

Yes People,

It may be raining outside but this man is sure to put a smile on your face..

Bwana be his name, and destroying any dancefloor he comes across will surely be his game!

Check out this joint below....
Baby, Let Me Finish by Bwana

He also has a forthcoming EP out on Infinite Machine. You can hear the tracks on his Soundcloud page below,

Latest tracks by Bwana

Monday, 19 September 2011

dbe: This Week's Release Roundup

1. Damu - Ridin'

Keysound Recordings might be known for epitomising the darker sectors of London, but with this new release from one of the best newcomers we've heard for a while, Damu, the outlook is strictly bright and colourful. "Ridin'" argues a strong case for being the best proto-neon-hip-hop instrumental since "Wut". Hypergrime at the highest level, this is as focused as Damu gets as he pairs 808's with pops and synth magic culminating in one hell of a trip! The rest of the EP is just as dreamy and is sure to get tongues wagging about this new talent.

Buy here

BONUS: Unreleased beauty from Da-Man

Breathless by Damu

2. 2562 - Aquatic Family Affair (Extended Re-Cut)

From the psychedelic highs to the sub-depth lows now, 2562 has long been putting us under with his extraordinary arrangements. His new 12" takes a couple of cuts from his recently released ALL-disco-sampled album 'Fever'. What's remarkable is that whilst this experimentation could come off as a tad risky and clashing, it actually sounds like a natural progression from the producers previous work. Subtle flow is the game of the day here though and whilst quiet elements of said sampled material can be heard, it's his impeccable drum programming that really steals the show.

Buy here

3. Marcel Dettmann - Translation One

Dettmann might not be a name synonymous with most of you dbe heads, but believe me the man deserves to be heard. The Berghain family and all they release is beggining to get real airplay from more closer to home artists such as Scuba, Instra:mental and Braiden, and 'Translation One' is a frantic introduction to the kind of Techno DJs play to get a PROPER dance going. The drive in this track is absolutely pulsating and almost tops the instant anthem status of any Blawan track, but this is proper Techno so who needs anthems...

Buy here

4. Mosca - Done Me Wrong / Bax

PROPER DOUBLE A-SIDE MATERIAL RIGHT HERE!!! Those who aren't following Mosca like a religious prophet don't deserve to be reading this. Okay, we might be over-reacting but this release is going to and already has been getting NUFF PULL-UUUUPS. 'Done Me Wrong' is a pure late 90s Garage anthem bought right up to date thanks to Mosca's supreme production skills. And who needs a rewind when you've got one built right into the bloody record! 'Bax' though is the one that's been giving us proper itchy feet. An insistent rhythm and those spot on garage sound-bytes make this not just an homage to those who worshipped the rhythm back in the day, but a record that DJs will pull out the bag time and time again. You know what to do.

Buy here

5. Joker - Here Come The Lights Ft. Silas

You can't really blame Joker for updating his sound. True his bangers back in the day were truly forward thinking, but let us just say that like Katy B, Magnetic Man et al. we push forward to let the underground continue. And yeah even though we've got vocals and pop sensibilities in this track, Joker does it so so well. Probably bound for daytime radio airplay, 'Here Come The Lights' should be seen as another beacon for Dubstep of the future along with those big names who really deserve it. Oh yeah, and he definitely smashed up the dance at Dub-Boro a while ago so we love him innit.

Buy here

What do you think of our choices, let us know in the comments or write us an article yourself!! Everyone's welcome!


New Resident Jake Twell.....


Jake has made a serious name for himself round these East Mids parts. Playing from everywhere in the town to everywhere in Leicester City Centre & Finally rounding off his East Midlands trips with regular sets around Notts including none other than the Fabric of the north, Stealth!!

We thought it was time he came on board at dbe towers, and smashed the back doors out of our parties.
Here's a mix he did to launch his Residency...

Dbe Residency mix by Jake Twell

Remember you can hear Jake in Loughborough at one place, and that's 'dbe'



Saturday, 17 September 2011

dbe 'Oct 2011 Welcome Party' MISTAJAM / JAYMO & ANDY GEORGE + RESIDENTS

► dbe 'Welcome Back Party' 
@ Vice Versa, L/Boro

► We start this year with a Radio 1 drenched line up to soak all your Bass music needs!! 2 Rooms, 1 Rave..... Lets go!


MISTAJAM (Radio 1 / 1Xtra)
JAYMO & ANDY GEORGE (Radio 1 / Moda)
Jake Twell
+ More

MISTAJAM returns to head up dbe's first party of the year. Jam currently rocks five shows a week across the BBC radio network, and has been the go-to man for pushing the latest and greatest in Dubstep, Grime, Hip Hop, D&B, Dancehall and everything in between.

JAYMO & ANDY GEORGE have been tearing up dancehalls in Ibiza this summer with their sick fusion of techno, house and disco sounds. They are the brain-crew behind the massive club night MODA, which as been hosted in SPACE Ibiza, Fabric London and most recently at Toyko in Lincoln. There no-sleep party philosophy and cutting edge approach to music promises big things for October.


► TICKET INFORMATION (Open to NUS & General Public)

£4 Adv (Subject to Booking Fee) / More On The Door


► PHYSICAL TICKETS: Orange Tree Loughborough & Vice Versa

Pasquale Chiavetta: 07921 023082
Richard Franklin: 07814 250092
Abigail White: 07540 305950
Sasha Edleman: 07824 468812
Danni Johnson: 07725 024016
Rachel Johnson: 07793 880224
Plus look out for Social Secs on campus who will also have Tickets!

Remember to follow us for all things 'dbe'

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