Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Badman Sounds

So that was London, bit cold down there though ain't it? Thanks to everyone who braved the blizzard to party, you were handsomely rewarded with a heavy night of festivities, including Pasquale finishing with Mariah Carey? Who would have thought...

As you may have noticed, details of the next party are up online, as we invite man like Doctor P to the Dub-boro decks. If you havn't heard any of his fine productions yet you've probably been living in a cave for the past few months, not ideal in this kind of weather. His latest track, 'Sweet Shop' is getting pulled up all over the shop at the moment, and has found it's way into the record bags of Skream, Benga, Caspa & Rusko. Check out all the latest Doctor P business on his Myspace.

For this party we also bring back the Dub-boro Magical Mystery Tour. For those who didn't have a fucking clue dub-boro existed at the last one, the idea is this:

One £8 Ticket, a wonderful journey to a venue in the East Midlands you may very well didn't know existed, entry to the party, then a journey back to LE11 at the end of the night. Remember when you watched Playdays and you never knew where the bus was gonna stop, always watching for the sign of the lollipop? A bit like that.

More info on the party can be found on the Facebook Event.

And I'll leave you with this, our resident Pasquale is playing a NYE set at Countdown in the Stealth/Rock City complex in Nottingham. Tickets are nearly sold out, which is to be expected with a line up as ridiculous as this...

Countdown 2009 (Nottingham)

Monday, 14 December 2009

Introducing... STENCHMAN

As if taking Dub-boro on the road to London town wasn’t exciting enough, we are gonna be presenting the stinkier half of duo Suspicious Stench, the Man In The Mask; Stenchman.

This guy is widely known for his trademark filthy dubs, although to my ears it’s a much more refined sound than the kind of tunes being released by other hardcore heroes like Rusko and Caspa, who can seem a little full on for bedroom listening. Stenchman slims down the obvious and seems to pack some massively dirty beats inside a sleeve of chilled sounds. One of his earlier releases 'Ur Pathetic' shows this kind of blend...

Stenchman’s 'The Number One' hails his trademark sound, with some cheeky vocals which really help to bring it to a wider range of DJ’s sets...

But we at Dub-boro wouldn’t expect you to take our word on it. Stenchman’s Myspace page is definitely worth checking out with loads of free mixes, tracks and latest news on new releases. Then check this out, an exclusive Stenchman interview on Noiseporn in the run up to his Dub-boro debut:

Stenchman Noiseporn Interview

If you havn't already, get yourself in on some juicy Dub-boro London action, presenting Stenchman, Senate, LA Boxers and the Dub-Boro faithful.

17/12: Dub-Boro (LONDON) w/ STENCHMAN / SENATE / LA BOXERS / Pasquale / Mike Mases / Phil Jarram.

Dub-boro (London) Tickets

Rich Franklin

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Support Your Local DJ's Part II: D-V-8

Matt Perrett aka D-V-8 was there at the beginning. He was there in the Doghouse, playing in front of 80 people who had the trust. For 6 successive events he smashed apart every single Dub-boro dancefloor without fail, culminating in one of the stand out Dub-boro performances so far, keeping the main room at Dub-boro VI rammed despite Toddla T smashing apart the second room. Fair fucking play.

They say the true test of a star in the making is the ability to mix alongside the ability to churn out flawless productions. After releasing a debut album with Circadian Rhythm last year, Matt is back with his own solo productions, along with a few under alias Clever Monkey with Joe Corrick. All new releases can be found on their respective myspaces:

D-V-8 (synikaldubstep)

Clever Monkey

A free download of Circadian Rhythm's debut album is also available. In the words of Tony Wilson's god "It's good music to chill out to".