Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Swift Half with SK

The room was bouncing and A-Trak was mixing standing on a table, the lasers only briefly illuminating the dancefloor before plunging the crowd back into darkness. The silhouette of a figure donning a fresh new-era cap stood before us. What did this stranger want? Does he prefer partying next to Catalan Monasteries or on top of a double-decker bus? Or both? What happens when you mix vodka with Dandelion & Burdock? All these questions didn't fly through our head on the evening we first crossed paths with SK, but fortunately they were answered in the coming years.

A chance meeting in a nightclub between ourselves and SK (known to the taxman as Mr. Simon Kemp) was basically how this affair started, and 4 years on SK has been by our side every step of the way. One of the original believers in the Dub-Boro project, over the years Simon has been our graphic designer, head cheerleader AND even our very own personal Shazam, but all this was just a distraction on the way to becoming one of dbe's finest resident selectas. What this guy doesn't know about music ain't worth knowing, and this knowledge flows out onto the dancefloor like a sea of velvet rhythms when he is behind the decks.

We had SK tipped for greatness for a while, until one hazy summers evening a pedalo was spotted sailing up the River Soar, blaring out 80's disco beats without a care in the world nor an entertainments license. Sleazy Wonder was back. SK was seduced by his cousins stories of Caribbean ports and high sea battles to protect the cargo of dark rum. SK was so envious of his stories, he left with Sleazy the next day, armed only with a pair of questionable sunglasses and the latest future garage beats. On their return from the high seas there was no SK, only Sleazy in a jazzy shirt and some large Cuban cigars. We decided not to question this and gave Sleazy his own room, to keep the mirrorball spinning and the people grooving.

Alas Sleazy could no longer handle the cold winters and set sail from 'The Basin' last month, but as a parting gift he left keys and a map as to where we could find SK, who had been locked in a the basement below the mansion on Ashby Road for months on end, playing one long after party to no-one but himself. We unlocked the door to the sound of Hyph Mngo, dragged him upstairs, gave him £50 worth of Boomkat vouchers and told him to get ready for 11th October. This is where he is at so far...

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Magical Mystery Tour Is Back!

There is no news like great news, and what greater news than the return of the legendary dbe 'Magical Mystery Tour' on Thursday 15th November 2012. Those who have tasted such delights will know where we are coming from when we say these are NEVER TO BE MISSED. Those fresh to the idea of jumping on a bus and putting all your trust in our hands, well, there is only one way to find out what all the hype is about.

These parties are an opportunity to experience some of our favourite acts in an intimate setting, this time in a never used before venue in the East Midlands. For this special one-off we bring in three of the most exciting up & coming DJ's/producers around, BONDAX, MARIBOU STATE & ETON MESSY, backed up by residents Jake Twell & Pasquale.

There will be only 250 tickets available for this party, and when they are gone we mean they are G.O.N.E. There physically won't be any more room on the bus. Only 8 coins for the journey there and back including your entrance fee and you've got a recipe for an unforgettable party.

Tickets are available online now from FATSOMA, or if you prefer the personal touch you can give the following people a call and grab your paper ticket with a smile:

Pasquale: 07921 023082
Jake: 07557 521597
Puddy: 07595 203328

A Swift Half with Dave Woods

As the hype builds up towards welcoming the legend Skream back to LE11 alongside Disclosure on 11th October, we put the spotlight on some of the guys wholly responsible for the ebb & flow of our night. Whether its warming up the crowd for our special guests or supplying the grooves in the second room to offer that little something different, our residents do a fantastic job every party and over the next week we find out what makes these guys tick. Consider this a virtual 30 minutes down the local, with them supplying the tunes on the jukebox, a possibly sketchy back story and a discussion on what their favourite tunes of the moment are = A Swift Half with...

It's never by fluke that someone wins a DBE DJ competition, proven by case in hand Dave Woods. After fending off some tough competition in 2011 to win a set opening up the main room for Beardyman, he didn't waste any time in settling into the big room atmosphere and kick starting what was a massive party.

Then, like a true rock 'n' rolla, he went AWOL for a year, with plenty of rumours as to his whereabouts and general concerns for his safety outside the confines of LE11. Some tell the tale of a young man trapped in an underground lair of Hard Wax in Berlin, living off a drip feed of the latest bass heavy releases whilst being solely responsible for sorting the recycling before collection on a Wednesday. Others tell of a year in industry but we weren't so interested in actually listening to that story.

Whatever the truth, the man is back and Dave Woods returns to Loughborough with a years worth of anticipation bottled up inside him, ready to assume his rightful place as a DBE resident. To celebrate this return we have a 30 minute insight into the musical mind of Dave Woods, free to download and stick on your music machine of choice. And if you listen hard enough, you can almost hear those broken glass bottles and the tearing up of Modeselektor cardboard cut-outs...

And once you've finished listening, discover something new and have a browse through Dave's Top 10 tunes that made him go crazy this summer:

Last Japan feat. Average Joe - Y.O.U

Friday, 14 September 2012

Welcome back...

Welcome back. And as the sun sets on another ridiculous summer for festivals, parties and general frolicking, WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS. And boy have we been busy...

First up, tickets have been flying out for our leg of the SKREAMIZM tour with special guests Skream & Disclosure. The night edges closer and closer and there is less than a month until we open the our doors in LE11 once again. Earlybirds have sold out but you can still grab your £10 ticket here...

Secondly, we have been working through the summer to make sure you are never too far away from your next dose of spine-tingling bass vibes. Here at dbe we thought it was about time we stepped up our game once again, so last week we released our plans on Facebook for the next two months. Keep an eye out for a new residency at the wonderfully intimate Sophbeck in Leicester, plans for a third instalment of the Magical Mystery Tour & even our first dbe trip up to Manchester's legendary Warehouse Project. Check out the graphic below for more details...