Wednesday, 30 March 2011

dbe Mayhem: Location Profile - Echos

So, before we hit you with the final instalment of our 3 parter extravaganza, here's a list of the all important set times for the night tomorrow. We have obviously had to take the guest DJ's into consideration, and apply to there riders. With this in mind we've tried to give everyone the best possible set times suited to there styles, and venues they are best suited to.

1900 - 0000

19:30 - 19:45 - Emma Baron
19:45 - 20:00 - Oli Drummer
20:15 - 20:45 - PLAYHOUSE
21:45 - 22:15 - Logic Design
22:15 - END - DJ Sleazy Wonder

22:00 - 03:00

22:00 - 23:00 - Mike Mases
23:00 - 00:00 - CRST
00:00 - 01:30 - PLASTICIAN
01:30 - END - DJ Ichi

23:00 - 04:00

00:00 - 01:00 - Jake Twell
01:00 - 02:00 - LSDJ + Simon Space
02:00 - 03:00 - Wolverine
03:00 - 04:00 - John Westwood

23:00 - 00:45 - Pasquale
00:45 - 01:45 - DJ Woody
01:45 - 02:30 - KISSY SELL OUT
02:30 - 04:00 - UNION DJS

So jot down your fav's and get ready for one hell of a night...

But first!...

* * * Echos Nightclub (23:00 - 04:00) * * *


Kissy Sell Out is a British DJ/remixer/producer who established himself quickly in England's underground dance scene, mostly for his remixes, many of which are Internet-circulated bootleg mash-ups of popular songs. Born Thomas Bisdee and originating from Essex, Kissy Sell Out began his prolific remix and production output in 2006. The San City High label released a few of his own productions, including "Her" and "Permanent Record," but for the most part, he concentrated on remixes, including a few for the Fat Fox label. This early work, as well as his DJ performances attracted major-label interest, and in 2007 he was commissioned to remix tracks by All Saints, Gwen Stefani, Mark Ronson, Dragonette, Groove Armada, and Sugababes. Also in 2007 he signed to Lavolta Records, which released the "Her" single, and he saw Hooj Choons release a limited-edition 12" of his Human League remix, "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of." His profile continued to grow in 2008, thanks in part to increasing demand for his DJ performances and his continuing output as a remixer/producer. Now with a Radio 1 show Kissy has played his way into superstardom and his relentless rise only continues to grow. We are excited to have him grace the White Room with his presence and know that he will smash the place up with his crazy edits and undeniable energy! Here's one of our favourite tunes from him:

Peep his website for more news, free Dls and more:


DJ Woody is one of the craziest turntablists in the UK right now! He initially made his name through the dj competition circuit when in 2001 when he was the first European DJ to win the International Turntablist Federation World championship title in San Francisco, a year later he won the Vestax World title. He is known in the turntablist world for his innovative and musical approach and is responsible for the invention of various scratches and turntablist techniques including his famous signature Woodpecker Scratch. His latest shows pit him up with a revolutionary visual screen which syncs up to his manic djing. Bound to be a feast for the ears and the eyes, see what Woody can do in this mental video below!!! Echos is about to get murked!!!


These London boys have been smashing up raves all around the UK for a while now! Two guys after our own heart they bring much energy to any venue they step into and bring with them a mix of electro, dubstep, drum and bass and anything they can fit in inbetween! Already on an eclectic lineup, these guys will be sure to keep you moving and grooving in their late night slot! For evidence of their skills check this latest mix only a few weeks old! Crackers!!!

UNION March 2011 Promo Mix by UNION


Keeping things fresh as always and opening up the Red Room for you all is local legend Jake Twell from the Gugu fam! This man is currently quickly gaining rep for some of the most diverse and interesting sets the town has ever heard. A keen listener of any type of modern bass music, JT is bound to bring you some of the freshest tunes along with technically brilliant mixing. His tasty February mix already got our tongues wagging here at dbe hq purely for the Moombathon additions! Learn how to dance to it cause he's bound to smash up the dance wit a bit of Moomba riddims!

Feb Promo Mix by Jake Twell

Also check all his other bits on soundcloud including mashups and more!

Peep his tumblr too!


Getting his first set at dbe last month, Wolverine treads a similar line to our other resident Mases, throwing together heavy tracks in a no holds barred fashion. A fan though of lesser known records, he's always championing the new unsigned artists and has a nose for a new record. He got loads of new fans at our last event with people outside falling in love with his mixing. So of course we got him back again to start the heaviness once more. Get to know this local lad as he's sure to smash the place up!

Wolverine - Dubstep Mix May 2010 by wolverine


Lucas Starnes aka LSDJ is a new name to the dbe lineup but will no doubt smash it up as we've heard some good things from his camp. The interestingly named 'Neil Perkins Birthday mix' contains some smashing mashups and classic tunes. A man after our own heart he mashes up Prince, 50 Cent, Adele and more in an entertaining 45 mins. Make sure you catch him along with Simon Space in the Red Room.

Neil Perkins - 30th Birthday Mix by LSDJ Loughborough

and of course not forgetting the main man...


If playing at every single dub-boro and dbe has taught this local LEGEND one thing, its how to smash up the dance. Not that he didn't before, but over the last few years Pasquale has really shown Loughborough what real dance music is all about. Always on the lookout for fresh records aswell as playing the bonafied classics he rarely ever puts a step wrong and always ends on a high. Testament to his influence on the local scene our boys DV8 Clever Monkey and Synikal have put together thee most appropriate of tributes to our boy. Stay Real!

PASQUALE by Synikal-DV8-CleverMonkey

Also you know the deal.

Also playing on the night will be John Westwood

Well that's all folks. We hope you've got enough to tide you over now and although you can't see everyone we've done our best to cover almost everything for you. We hope you've enjoyed it!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Orange Tree Update

No Chrissy Wallis at the OT on Thursday any-more folks, but in his place we do have the talented Emma Baron and Oli the Drummer, seen above here absolutely smashing Emalkay on his kit! Should be good fun!


Monday, 28 March 2011

dbe Mayhem: Location Profile - Rain

Time for part 2 of our guide to THIS THURSDAY'S 3 venue extravanganza. It's time to see what's happening in:
* * * Rain Nightclub (22:00 – 03:00) * * *

After all that live music, bbq food and fresh grooves at everyone's favourite watering hole The Orange Tree comes the real dirty business in conjunction with our friends at Rain nightclub. 'So who will i see here and how can it beat the outrageous vibes i've just experienced' you may ask? Well these lot will be sure to make you dance off those 3 burgers you just ate at the bbq:


Where better to start than our first MAJOR HEADLINER? DJ Plastician is already a well tested party starter having smashed our final Dub-Boro party last year. We got him back purely for this reason and the fact that the man knows his bass music. For those who are not clued up, apart from starting out djing grime and dubstep back in the early days of the sound on pirate radio and repping his own record label, Plastician was releasing bare records under his previous moniker Plasticman. Along with a name change to the relief of Richie Hawtin, Plastician continued to blaze a trail championing dubstep and grime to this very day and has always been a major player in the scene mainly due to his expert djing. Able to blend the deepest dubstep record into a grime banger, similar to previous guest Oneman, Plastician is bound to bring the vibes back to Loughborough. And if you need more convincing here's two heavy mixes to assault your ears. One from KEXP radio which is a straight up dubstep rave and the other for the Mishka mix series which dips between styles and is mixed expertly. We can't wait for him to smash Rain to bits!


The second of our big names to grace Rain nightclub are the 4-man supergroup production unit C.R.S.T! We are well syked to have these guys coming to our fair town as they are literally on the cusp of stardom! Only over a year old they have amassed dozens of releases on labels such as No Hats No Hoods, Ten Thousand Yen, Well Rounded and more recently Herve's label Cheap Thrills. All smashing releases, the guys have created an updated sound of Garage which is totally addictive aswell as super hype. Although they are not just a cheap imitation of the 90s garage sound. Take their track 'Cervantis Riddim'. Starting off with what seems like a seems like a standard garage break, the track takes a Colonel Abrams sample and twists it from its original disco roots into an early night 2step workout. Better yet midway through, the track switches from sinuous drums to a 4/4 house arrangement. Chords reveal a new dimension coming across like Joy Orbison playing Groove Chronicals.

Cervantis Riddim - C.R.S.T by C.R.S.T

More up to date releases are also featured on this 100% C.R.S.T. mix for Rinse FM. Already producing masterful garage influenced stuff, we are blessed to have these guys come and play for us and for you!

C.R.S.T on Rinse FM (N-Type's Show) by C.R.S.T


Another one of our long time residents, Mike Mases has long been smashing our parties. Never one afraid to hold back, Mike has earned plaudits for his heavy as Hurley sets and as exemplified on this mix he can mix the heaviest records with the skill of an archer and keep your head nodding all night. Sure to bring the vibes to an already smashing lineup at Rain, Mike is one to watch!

Mike M October 10 Dub by Mikeizm


Bringing Rain to a close will be DJ Ichi, local Rain resident and another local dj. Playing anything from Garage to RNB, Ichi is the perfect dj to close what will bound to be an awesome lineup in Rain. All this and we havn't even told you about Echos yet!

Stay tuned dbe heads....

Thursday, 24 March 2011

DETONATE INDOOR FESTIVAL 2011 - Bank Holiday Sunday 1st May

Well well well... Detonate have truly outdone themselves once again. Back for the 5th instalment of the Midland's biggest party, Detonate takeover Rock City, Stealth, Rescue Rooms and more recently The Forum for an 8 arena event featuring some of the world's biggest dance acts. Detonate Indoor Festival sells out year to year attracting 4,500 ravers travelling from as far as Los Angeles to attend and this year is set to be no different...

This time around the arena hosts include:
Detonate / Rinse vs FWD / Hospitality / Digital Soundboy / UKF / Critical / Basslaced / Trap Magazine / Stealth / Mimm / Cult / Rubberdub
and of course yours truly, the DBE fam!!!

After last year's party where EQ got smashed to bits by Caspa, Mala, Emalkay, Pasq and more we can't wait to tell you who we'll be hosting!

Check it online : detonate1

Or on facebook : detonate indoor festival

Just for good measure here's a video of last years to wet your appetite...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

dbe Mayhem: Location Profile - Orange Tree

As you hopefully know by now on THURSDAY 31ST MARCH two heavyweights of the LE11 party scene, DBE & MAYHEM (Show Star Ents.), combine for one hell of an End of Term knees up. 'DBE MAYHEM' will take place across 3 venues in our humble home of Loughborough, offering diverse musical styles and some of the hottest acts in the world right now, culminating in one of the biggest parties this town has ever seen!

Across THE ORANGE TREE, RAIN & ECHOS, acts will include:

PASQUALE // LOGIC DESIGN (Live) & many, many more...

Over the following few days we will take you through a quick profile of who you are likely to see and where they will be, just so you know exactly what you're gonna be getting!

First up is the Orange Tree!!

* * *

* * * The Orange Tree (19:00 – 00:00) * * *

The evening kicks off in everyone’s favourite local, where The Orange Tree will play host to live music, a BBQ and cocktails galore! Live acts in the GARDEN will include:


The two step funk-hop dirty disco ghetto soul kings of Loughborough. They are on a mission to get your granny breaking with her booty shaking! Describing themselves as the 8 piece funk students of the dirty disco ghetto monk, they are bound to surely be one entertaining act. Bringing a versatile flavour of sound, there are no limits to what you may hear!

Rugged Soundsystem from sound advice on Vimeo.


In contrast to Rugged Soundsystem (that's what we do) local acoustic legend Chrissy Wallis will be making all the ladies swoon with his silky voice and guitar steez. Songs like 'Secret Truth' and 'You Keep' bring to mind Neil Young but Chrissy brings it right up to date with his overall performance and great production. Check out his myspace to listen to some tunes.

Christopher Wallis @ Myspace


New Loughborough fourpiece The Logic Design will be bringing a more indie vibe to the proceedings. After a few gigs around Loughborough including a rambunctious crowd-surfing one at Echos the boys will be hoping to recreate a similar vibe at Orange Tree! Have a listen to some songs below for a taster. 'Lions' jangles along nicely and towards the end breaks into a Bombay Bicycle Club type bridge, which is who the lead vocalist sounds like coincidently, and 'Morning Tide' features lovely guitars and brings to mind London band 'Dogs'.

Lions by user1187137

Morning Tide by user1187137


Local legends Playhouse are not new to the game. Formally known as Penfold Gate the fourpiece have literally serenaded their fair old town for years now with touching private anthems between followers and have garnered attention from Channel 4 aswell as Radio 1. Not ones to sit still though they switched from Folk-affected merriment to a more harmonic and synth based sound. 'Wait for It' features pounding drums and subtle synth work all staples of their new anthemic sound. 'Asteroids' on the other hand seems like a fond farewell salute to their old sound as the track fizzles into space and onto another planet. In a fair world these songs would rock stadiums and make Vinnie Jones cry.

Wait For It by playPlayhouse

Asteroids by playPlayhouse

and not forgetting your host for the evening...


Skilled Sailor, Heavy Drinker & Endless Style. Three of the things that were used to describe Sleazy back in his hey-day. Now a washed up version of his former self Sleazy is currently on the comeback trail playing gigs across his adopted country Britain. With a style that never went out of fashion he his making girls and boys dance sexily and smoothly to his waves of good time music. Catch him sailing through classic records with a Balearic twist as well as plenty of boogie, disco & funk in Bite-Size Portions. Watch out ladies!

Here as an exclusive mix to the blog is a 45 min mix Sleazy did entitled 'Midnight Boat Party'. We assume you should listen to it on your yacht at midnight. If you don't have a yacht the bath is fine.

Midnight Boat Party by Sleazy Wonder

And that's it for now! What a ride, stay tuned for our next location profile which will be Rain!

Big up yourselves Loughborough!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tru-Tek: Lionheart (FA001)

Our boys Tru:Tek have got a new release lined up on the new imprint Flexout Audio. Following on from their fantastic Lo Dubs record 'Lionheart' reveals a more roots-based sound combining pure dub aesthetic with a stripped down, subtle and emotional vocal performance from Fermi. Ominous yet triumphant trumpets sound throughout the track and Spectrasoul-type bells ring between Tru:Tek's restrained percussion work. It's another trump card in the boys growing and unpredictable deck!

Tru:tek (feat. Fermi) - Lionheart by Flexout Audio

Critical's Kasra is also on duty on one of the b-sides bringing forth a deep roller which really changes the vibe of the original. It's been a while since we've heard some nice d'n'b and this is a welcome first remix of our boys!

Tru:tek (feat. Fermi) - Lionheart (Kasra remix) by Flexout Audio

Check out for more information on the label and the artists they are currently nurturing, and keep an eye out for the Tru:Tek release soon!!


Tune for Tuesday: Addison Groove - Minutes Of Funk

Only a sneak preview this time but sure to be a must have purchase when it comes out in May. Addison Groove (footcrabfootcrabfootcrab) follows up his recently released acid techno/sex footwork double side Work It/Sexual with a release on Martyn's 3024 label. Both utilising recognisable samples, 'It's Got Me' pairs syncopated rhythms and synths with Bob James' classic 'Nautilus' whilst 'Minutes of Funk' starts ominously akin to recent Boddika/Instra:mental jams then breaks down with a synth break and snippets of Whodini's classic '5 Minutes of Funk'! The b is linked below along with the Whodini just for good measure!

ADDISON GROOVE - MINUTES OF FUNK 3024-012B by 3024world


Monday, 21 March 2011

dbe Desktop Wallpaper: No.2 - Investigative Reports

It's time for our newest dbe wallpaper! A load of you downloaded our last one and reports across the town have been flooding into dbe hq of computers, macs, iphones and walls adorned with the wallpaper camo look! Now we here at dbe don't want you to get bored of looking at the same old screen so hopefully you'll like this one just as much. Keep an eye out for more coming soon!

Peace out fam!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tune for Tuesday: Dauwd - What's There

Achingly beautiful sampled vocal from newcomer Dauwd. Some seriously masterful tunes are on his soundcloud and remember you heard him here first.

Whats There by Dauwd

More amazing tracks here, including a great James Blake remix: Dauwd

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tune for Tuesday: Gold Panda - Marriage (Star Slinger Remix)

Nottingham beat smith Star Slinger crafts an excellent bass leaning remix for Gold Panda's 'Marriage':

Gold Panda - Marriage (Star Slinger Remix) OUT MARCH 1st by Star Slinger

Check the original video directed by Ronni Shendar:

Marriage from Gold Panda on Vimeo.

DPR Recordings presents Dubchild and Feva MC

DPR Recordings and Groove Chronicles present to you a brand new mix featuring one of our favourite MCs to grace to stage at past dub-boro and dbe events Feva MC! Mixed by Dubchild the mix features a load of new unreleased dubs from the man himself from skankin grooves to harder bass tear out tracks. Feva MC hosts the mix in his own distinct fashion letting the tracks roll along nicely. Dubchild's tunes are surprisingly well put together for someone on the verge of breaking through, and along with bits and bobs from 501, Alix Perez and Magnetic Man, stand up to those originals.

Hear the mix here:

and check the soundcloud for more bits here:
dpr recordings