Thursday, 20 January 2011

dbe Desktop Wallpaper: No.1 - Poster Camo

To be honest us dbe boys are mystified as to why we never did this before but here's a little treat for you guys. Whilst revision keeps you out of trouble on the streets, god knows what you get up to whilst sitting on your pc's. Hopefully this background will keep you distracted enough from opening up those naughty minimised windows and keep your heads firmly buried in your books! That's right, dbe not only helps you play hard, but work hard too! Keep your eyes out for more desktop wallpapers soon!

(To set this wallpaper, click on the image and it should open fully. Then if you use mac's right click and 'set as wallpaper'. If you use windows then right click, save the image, then right click on your desktop and go to 'properties', then set the image as your background)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Clever Monkey - Higher Movements

Original dub-boro rudeboy Matt Perrett has been working on yet more new material after his move back down south. After his first official Clever Monkey release 'Symbiosis' was released on Basspunch records a while back now, his follow up 'Higher Movements' is out now on the ever-growing Mutated Sounds imprint.

The EP covers his trademark heavier sound as exemplified in his early sets at the first few dub-boro's. From the relentless 'Bite the Hand That Feeds You' which sounds like Babylon System sparring with Benga, to the heavy grinding sound of 'Population Control', the EP certainly takes no prisoners! Our favourite at dbe though has to be 'The Redistribution'. Taking on a more 2-step production with added glossy synth sparkles, the track certainly brings to mind previous guest SBTRKT, but the whole EP manages a distinct flavour throughout.

The Redistribution by Clever Monkey

Make sure you buy it if you like what your hear and support up and coming artists making music that they love. Buy it here:

Check out the classy Mutated Sounds site here for more from Clever Monkey and the rest of the fam:
Mutated Sounds

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Monday, 17 January 2011



dbe : Thursday 17th February : Loughborough Student's Union

SHY FX feat. STAMINA MC (Digital Soundboy)

**************£6 TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!!**************

After a festive period full of feasting, frolicking & fantastic hangovers, dbe returns in the new term, stripped back and ready to offer you the most exciting underground artists at a price that isnt going to break the post-xmas coffers. Once the exams are nothing but a painful memory, it will be time for Loughborough to once again embrace the big sounds and big vibes that comes with a dbe party.

And what better way to let loose than to the sounds and sights of absolute legend of the electronic music scene... SHY FX. The Digital Soundboy head-honcho has been ruling the scene since before you were a twinkle in the milkmans eye, and finally on Thursday 17th February he makes his dbe bow alongside fellow soundboy STAMINA MC. Backing these boys up with the biggest & best in dubstep, electro & drum n bass (with a sprinkle of whatever else takes there fancy) will be our resident party smashers PASQUALE, SAMIAD, MIKE MASES & making his dbe debut... WOLVERINE.

Shy FX is without question one of the original pioneers of the Jungle and drum and bass scenes and a true innovator for dance music across the globe. His career has spanned almost 20 years, cementing his name in both underground and mainstream folk-law. Shy continues to maintain his legendary status, true to his art-form and staying relevant and at the forefront of eclectic dance music.

Having released countless classics over the year including the massive 90's anthems 'Original Nuttah' and 'Bambaataa', Shy has gone on to release over 350 releases including the chart smash 'Shake Your Body' (which reached no. 7 in the national chart), as well as 'Don't Wanna Know', 'Murderation', 'The Message', 'Everyday', 'Feelings', and his `Diary Of A Digital Soundboy' album to name only a few. He's worked with a vast list of talented artists over the years including Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, UK Apache, Elisabeth Troy, Top Cat and more, and has remixed the likes of Lily Allen, David Guetta, Shabba Ranks and more recently Plan B, Tinie Tempah and Magnetic Man.

2010 has seen Shy's label Digital Soundboy go from strength to strength with massive releases from Breakage, Skream, Benga, Redlight, Marky & more, and now its the turn of the label's very own 'Digi Boss'.

Following on from his production on Wiley & Naughty Boy's 'Never Be Your Woman' single (which charted at no. 9 in Feb 2010), 'Raver' is the street single and debut offering from his forthcoming studio album 'Larger Than Life', due for release in 2011. Featuring lead vocals from Kano and Donaeo, alongside Roses Gabor (of Gorillaz fame), the track has already recieved heavy rotation from the likes of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Mista Jam, Toddla T, Grooverider, Fabio and many more across all genres of dance music. Raver also comes complete with remixes from MJ Cole, Breakage & Benny Page, not to mention Shy's very own superb 'Guiness Punch mix'.

Shy's next album promises to be his best yet, featuring a cast of amazing vocal talents and surprise guests, 2010 see's the original Soundboy step forward once again.


Tickets for the party @ Loughborough Students Union are only £6, and you can get hold of yours at the following outlets:

L/Boro Students: //

The Orange Tree: 01509 238852 // LSU Box Office
Pasquale: 07921 023082 // Tom C: 07969 665705 (Campus)
Sasha: 07824 468812 // Martyn: 07799 414854
Byron Smith: 07734 331749 // Liam Levin: 07504 739322
Ed Jones: 07816 863350 // Austin Driscoll: 07769 904882


For more information...

phone: 07921 023082 / 07703 063805
twitter: @dubboroevents

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pasquale & SK Present:

The edit has always been a vital part of dance culture and the current state of artists and DJs utilising editing into their mixing and overall act is more than ever before. The current underground ‘Nu-Disco’ movement has gained a huge amount of steam in the past few years, coming from partly house drop-outs and also from funk and disco enthusiasts. The one thing tying them together is the art of the edit. It enables them to put a new spin on older tracks which allows a newer audience to enjoy the sounds from that time. Rather than simply becoming a revival of sounds, the cross-section of tunes picked for editing and chosen for a mix are wide and vast and all this makes an exciting and progressive scene. 2000 & Disco proves that older music can still evolve to this day, years after it has been released. New listeners and DJs can connect with these tracks from their own perspective and if an edit can make a records more relevant to a modern audience then everyone is a winner.

Pasquale & SK (2000 & Disco Mix) by dbe

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

dbe 3's - 1: SK

dbe 3's is a new feature where we get a guest to write about 3 of anything they want, be it 'new artist to watch for', 'new label', 'mc', 'singer' or even a curve-ball like 'best takeaway food' or probably more suitable ' best new dj equipment'. But it's not up to us to select the categories. Each guest writer will update you with his/her top 3's in order to get a broader picture of the state of bass in today's ever-changing music scene. Our first 3's is selected by dbe man SK. Take it away...

1) Label to watch in 2011 - PTN Records

Last year the ever prolific and out-there label RAMP started a new sub-label called PTN. Covering a more stripped down basement sound with elements of funky, house and tribal, the label's debut release came from Doc Daneeka, the “Deadly Rhythm” EP. The EP recieved play from Gilles Peterson, Marcus Nasty, Sinden, Kode 9, Brackles, Oneman and Martyn over the resulting months. Following that Hackman, who along with Doc Daneeka, featured in FACT Mag’s top 10 producers to watch for the year, released the "More Than Ever" EP. On the back of an appearance on Fabric's famed "Elevator Music' comp a few months before, Hackman's release started a peaked interest in the label. The two debut EP's undoubtedly had grasped the perfection of utilising rhythm and bass to ultimate measure. The label then released what was to be probably it's most succesfull release yet with the MONSTER that is Breach's "Fatherless" 12". Featured on dbe's TOP 10 of the year, the record, backed with an almost equally devastating Doc Daneeka remix, was played out by almost everyone with an interest in dance music over the 2nd half of the year and still to this day. Following that were debut releases by Brackles & Shortstuff's friend DJ Dom (whom a debut album is on course for PTN in the future), and a euphoric 12" from Deep Teknologi stalwart T. Williams. Next in line is a Adele sampling 12" from Hackman, and the future is most certainly bright and funky for the now year old PTN.

Breach – Fatherless by Sunday Best
T Williams - People's Choice by amadeusblog
PTN008 / Hackman by RAMP Recordings / PTN

2) New Duo to watch in 2011 - Downliners Sekt.

Hugely dark, broken and emotive music has been hard to come by in the past year, mostly due to the party aesthetics that new producers seem keen to build on (which is not a bad thing, just tiresome sometimes). However, duo Downliners Sekt. have been quietly releasing free EPs and albums on their website over the course of a few years now, and whilst most free albums often get wrongly mislabelled as not good enough to be bought, every single one here deserves to be digested. From the post rock fuzz of debut "Saltire Wave" the duo have always been difficult to really listen to, but one soon realises that sometimes unfriendly rhythms are the most rewarding. The distorted beats and grooves of their records almost swing at 'dubstep' tempo, but they owe more to the post-everything aesthetic of Warp records stalwart Chris Clark. Those who enjoy the lurching, bass heavy side of dubstep may feel at home here but for those who have ever stayed late at a club, along with heavy eyes and epiphany type moments, will understand the broken rhythms and rising chords complement their 'late-night music'. Cinematic programming and both sung and sampled vocals play their part well, but only through subtle usage, often coming through only slightly yet totally overshadowing the dread vibes of the beats and bass. The last two releases "Hello Lonely, Hold The Nation" and "We Make Hits, Not The Public" explored the popular crucifixion of R&B vocals, but here they sound at one with their landscape. They are perfect places to start and both are available for free on their site: Their adaptation of the dark often comes coupled with rays of light, similar indeed too Burial, but whilst comparisons are always surface level, Downliners Sekt. will almost certainly stay pressurised below it.

downliners sekt - we make hits, not the public EP by downliners sekt
downliners sekt "hello lonely, hold the nation" [dboot 010] - 12" by disboot

3) Night to look out for if you are ever up NORTH - Acetate Leeds

Clubs seem less and less tailored for vinyl these days, a sad truth but one that seems to be linked with the dissolvement of production of Technics turntables. Acetate is a night held at the Wire club in Leeds. The night's concept is that of 100% vinyl, spun by familiar and some less-familiar names through a Funktion One soundsystem. No CDs, no laptops. Given the increase in clubs not built for vinyl, it seems like a welcome and great idea. Started by David Kennedy aka the Ramadanman himself, the past three nights featured himself along with Floating Points and others such as Ben UFO, Loefah, Joy Orbison and Appleblim. The ethics of it seems wonderfully brilliant and the joys of hearing an old vinyl is something which is unparamount compared to a rough digital rip.

Floating Points 05 Oct 10 - Acetate @ Wire from Wire Club on Vimeo.

Mr Kennedy himself says,

"I guess the point of Acetate is that people can play exactly what they want to play, and it doesn’t matter if people don’t recognise 100% of the tunes or whatever, if that makes sense?"

Yes, David, yes it does.


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Leading from the Front: Jamie XX

Its the start of a brand new year, and with it comes a plethora of excited bloggers and radio DJs casting their eyes to the future and pushing their hot tips for 2011. We here at dbe are dedicated to bringing you the freshest produce that bass music has to offer, so much so that we went to the excruciating effort of doing some field research to get a hands on look at who's gonna be leading 2011 from the front.

After witnessing a spell-bindingly wonky and sub flexed set at the Warehouse Project last month we've come to the conclusion that Jamie XX is one of the most exciting things in dance music right now.

Mercury Prize winning drum machinist Jamie XX has already made a solid impression with his epic rework of Florence's You Got the Love, along with an already impressive list of remixes under his belt. But now that he's turning his hand to drum machine and steel pan toting solo production, 2011 looks set to be a massive year for him.

The first finding of our WHP field research is a fresh cut from Jamie's upcoming remix collaboration with Gil Scott-Heron. This project see's Jamie remixing soul and spoken word poetry legend Gil-Scott Heron's entire album, entitled We're New Here. The album is a beautifully humane and intimate reflection of Scott-Heron's troubled life, and the fact that he entrusted the beat-junkie to re-work the entire album indicates its gonna be a carefully curated piece of sonic craftsmanship. The work we've heard so far seems to contrast with Gil Scott's weathered tones and create a hopeful sound-scape which totally flips the emotional output of the originals.

The first sneak preview can be streamed below (and downloaded from . This track is a true sonic journey through sheer blinding synths, rolling wonkbass, and sensually screwed out vocal samples. Not to mention his lush trademark steel pan flecked outro. Not to be missed:

And possibly the most important finding of our research is, in our opinion, going to be one of THE tunes of 2011. Shrouded in mystery and rumour, Far Nearer is to be Mr XX's debut solo 12" production. We heard this track dropped in the field and all of us hit the roof. This tune is a gorgeous composition of shuffling garage beats, awesome steel pannage, and wicked tweaked vocals. We love it and reckon its going to be huge. But at the moment Numbers records are keeping us hanging, with no definite release date due to "sample copyright issues". Sort it out Numbers!

jamie xx - far nearer by Artschoolvets

So we cant leave you without sharing these amazing tunes, mixed by Jamie's own hands. In this guest mix for Alexander Nut at RinseFM, Jamie drops both of these 2011 anthems for your listening pleasure, amongst other bass classics from Skream, Martyn and Dark Sky.

Mixed Nuts Show - Jamie XX Guest Mix

(Right click to download)

Jamie XX guest mix launches at 47.30mins into the show.

Much dbe basslove
Rich Franklin