Monday, 29 April 2013

Breach in on secret...

Keeping in line with long time dbe tradition, we return in May with another secret party at another secret venue. Anyone who knows about our secret parties will know they never disappoint, and with a never used before outside venue with Breach on the commands this is set up to be something special.

There are a very limited number of tickets left online HERE, or alternatively check the Facebook Event for more info and ticket sellers.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Record Store Day returns this Saturday

There ain't nothing like the feeling of fresh wax in your hand, and this Saturday the world convenes to celebrate the role of the independent record store in an industry dominated by soulless dross and cash driven hype machines. The role of the record store extends far beyond physical sale, these outlets double up as an epicentre for a local music scene, a hang out for like-minded individuals to divulge in their passion of music.

In recent years some legendary stores have been forced to close their doors (i'm talking Dope Jams, NOT HMV) due to the rise of digital downloads and online availability, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and the record store is fighting back. In-store performances, vinyl only releases and a general hunger for physical collections of music have driven vinyl sales to a 16 year high in 2012, helped in no small matter by Record Store Day. The annual event is marked by a plethora of limited edition vinyl releases that have enthusiasts queuing out the door to get their mitts on, along with special in-store events involving performances from some of the biggest artists from across the board.

You can find out details of events near you and all the special releases for Saturday here , and if this will be your first visit to your local record store, make sure it's not your last. Alongside releases from Masters At Work, Jack Dixon & Jamie XX , here are three releases to keep an eye out for on Saturday, just make sure you get down there early!

Benga - Forefather

Disclosure - White Noise (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Greg Wilson - Electro Edits

Sleazy drops Soundcast #2: 'Free Byrd'

One of the most relentlessly talented Jazz musicians of the modern era, Donald Byrd, sadly passed away in February at the age of 80. He left behind a extensive body of work spanning nearly 50 years, whilst also dedicating his life to increasing access to the study of Jazz music and more importantly fighting for equality for black musicians.

Sleazy pays homage to Byrd via a two hour soundcast, showcasing only a fragment of the great mans catalogue from across the years. SW's accompanying mix notes are well worth a read too, including a full tracklist that can be found here.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Unknown festival beefs up

Everyone knows that festivals and rain go hand in hand, but it also results in a pretty shit time and a decent chance that the festival won't even be on. Step forward Jet2, the sunshine, the beautiful Adriatic coastline and a line up that goes one further any of it's current contemporaries.

Unknown festival has absolutely hit the spot this year in terms of artists representing the full spectrum of live performances and record selectahs , but what else would you expect from the people that bring you Hideout, The Warehouse Project & Field Day?!

As if their first announcement of Actress/Henrik Schwarz/Moderat and more doing their live thing with Ame/Koze/Jackmaster/Julio Bashmore and a WHOLE load more DJ's performing wasn't enough to convince you to fish out the passport and scrape together the very reasonable £109 for a ticket, then today's announcement will surely tip you hard-to-pleasers over the edge...

The Horrors,East India Youth, Richie Hawtin, Tiga, Tale of Us and a whole lot more have been added to the bill, with more to come as the weeks count down till September 10th. To check out the full line up and grab your tickets.. CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL SITE

Friday, 12 April 2013

Lufbra Soundclash reaches climax

If you have had your head buried in the sand for the last few months, take it out. The first thing to do after you've taken it out is go and google 'Lufbra Soundclash' to see exactly what you have been missing. An idea packed with originality and creativity in equal measures, driven by some of the most passionate music & art lovers you will ever meet, has resulted in one of the freshest series of events since, well, late 2008...

Inspired by Red Bull's Culture Clash in November, Lufbra Soundclash hosted a series of 'Hijack' events earlier this year each focusing on a particular style and culture within the UK music scene. The 'Hijack' parties brought to the fore the most talented DJ's and artists from the region, with two from each hand picked to represent their scene at the grande finale on Thursday 2nd May.

With backing from Red Bull and ourselves, the main event takes place at Loughborough Student's Union on Thursday 2nd May, and will provide a platform for up and coming performers to rub shoulders with some VERY special guests indeed...

Tickets are an absolute steal at £5, grab yours from the link below:

Fatsoma Ticket Link

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Breach to provide the fun in the sun

With the sun about to peek it's sorely missed face above the Leicestershire skies this weekend, we have got  a little bit ahead of ourselves and released our plans to take full advantage of whatever the mid-May weather throws at us.

Admittedly it was torture keeping it quiet for the few days since it's been confirmed, but better out than in we say... BREACH aka BEN WESTBEECH aka ALL ROUND TOP GUY AND PRODUCER will be joining us on Sunday May 19th where we will be partying all day (and night) in a secret outdoor/indoor location within our beloved LE11 boundaries.

If you know Loughborough as well as we do, which you do, you will know that space for an outdoor party is at a premium, which is why we have to restrict capacity to 350 people. Armed with this knowledge, we suggest you do the right thing and grab your ticket early avoiding disappointment. We HATE disappointment. You can grab your tickets from the Fatsoma link below:

Fatsoma Ticket Link