Thursday, 31 May 2012


So if you you cast your mind back only two weeks, we ran a competition for you, the people, to choose the design for the brand new dbe tee's. As it happens, the vote was full of naked controversy and shady betting syndicates, but what else would you expect? Alas we found a winner though, or three...

Step forward Matt, Pip & Danica.

Designs are pictured below, and to place orders you should go through to the facebook page and place your deets underneath the t-shirt design of your choice.

The dbe Team:

Matt (also available in white):

The quite delightful Pip:

And no forgetting our very own anarchist (your design is safe here), Danica:

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Not that you should be spending ANY TIME AT ALL indoors today, if you do find yourself with a couple of minutes to kill, check out Google's nod to the late great Dr. Robert Moog's birthday with a digital recreation of the Moog synth. Give it a go HERE...

Monday, 21 May 2012

Pasquale's DaYnNiGhT Mix

If you haven't already heard yet, we at dbe are delighted to be selected as one of Hideout Festival's clubbing partners this year, mostly involving boat and pool party 'hosting' duties alongside our old mucker Barry. If this is indeed the first you have heard of this, well, you snooze you lose.

However, a little bit of Hideout is available to everyone in the form of our very own Pasquale's DaYnNiGhT Mix. Just under an hour of grooves perfected to soundtrack either a sun-drenched day by the pool, some early hours dancefloor movements, or more likely that 24 hour library session you were planning to hit that deadline. Whichever it is, you need to get this on the DL and into your life...

Let the summer commence...

Jeeeez... What a way to bring in the summer months! We haven't had that much fun in a garden since Pops chucked away our swing tennis set in the summer of 96... hazy days. Props to Pasteman for smashing it, for every DJ playing yesterday for bringing their individual style to the event, 12 Degrees West for letting us take over their pub and of course big thanks to all that came down to enjoy the music and the make the party so awesome (especially the nutters on the roof!).

Next up, on Thursday June 21st we join forces with Manchester party people 'Take the Whole Cake' and present a two venue end of term extravaganza, including live bands, superstar DJ's and plenty of dbe vibes! After years of trying, at long last HIGH CONTRAST makes his dbe debut, with old favourite CASPA returning to the 'boro to reproduce the scintilating form he showed as a secret guest at last years EOTP.

Advanced Tickets are a bargain £8.50 (+b.f.) and you can grab yours online from GIGANTIC or any of the ticket sellers on the FACEBOOK PAGE.

Over & Out.